Mow - the story of a piratical tom cat
Another Counsellor

A thorough study of the much controversial subject of the Holy Spirit.


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Was Herod a monster? There is no clear answer. Roger investigates the character of this remarkable man in this well-written biography.

Mow, the story of an intelligent and independent cat who despises most humans, dogs and policemen. For children and adults.

If Not You, Then Another
Through a Cafe Window
A Simple Man's Guide to Plato's Republic

Despite being highly thought of in academia, Roger highlights the failings and virtues of Plato in this book for philosophers and beginners.

A collection of contemporary short stories exploring the human condition. To enjoy, to think and to challenge.

Roger discusses the pitfalls of authoritarianism and the virtues of independence and freedom.

Statesman, Commander & Builder

Roger critically analyses this controversial philosophical figure, looking thoroughly at his works and relevance to today's society.

First Century Close-Ups

Delve into the lives of the people described in the gospels in this well-crafted new edition of a highly-praised book.

The Last Days of Socrates

Discover more about the trial of Socrates in this simple guide, accessible to all levels of reader. Filled with questions for the reader to consider.

Nietzsche: A Simple Man's Guide

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Jesus in Islam

Correcting a lot of misconceptions concerning the realities of the Lord Jesus.

Dry Bones

Set in a probable near future, the novella gives a chilling account of what may be very near to come.

Dry Bones
Poems of Earth, Sky and Beyond

There is beauty and there is ugliness. There is laughter and there are tears. These poems express the whole range of emotions.

The Afterlife and the Otherworld
The Afterlife and the Otherworld

Every mythology and religion has tales about life after death. They have many remarkable similarities which are explored in this book.

A Smack in the Mouth

A very hard-hitting collection of poems, giving the author's views of the corruption and cruelty in modern life.

A Smack in the Mouth
The Seven Parables of the Kingdom

A refreshing and new take on this much misused subject. Challenging to all postmodern theologians.

The Minor Prophets: Volume One

Every mythology and religion has tales about life after death. They have many remarkable similarities which are explored in this book.

An in depth look at six of the often neglected prophetic books of the Bible. They have much to teach the Christian and the modern world.

The Minor Prophets: Volume Two

Continuing from the first volume, these prophecies lead us to a grand and terrifying climax to world history.

More First Century Close-Ups

More in-depth stories concerning the Jewish religion and culture, following the success of book one.