Cornerstone Bookshop - Our friends at Cornerstone Bookshop, Gosport, offer a variety of Christian literature and other items.


Trinitarian Bible Society - Most faithful and scholarly organisation devoted to the Received Text of the New Testament and the Masoretic Text of the Old Testament.

Chapter Two Books - A prolific retailer of bibles and Christian literature in a wide range of languages.

Ards Evangelical Bookshop - Based in Northern Ireland but known throughout the UK, providing quality Christian literature.

Ritchie Christian Media - Very helpful service, high Christian standards.

GLO Tilsley College - Small, friendly college with enthusiastic student

GLO Bookshop - Faithful Christian resources

Creation Science Movement -  Unique and fascinating display at the Genesis Expo in Portsmouth

Creation Resources Trust - Books, leaflets, DVDs, speaker bookings and more

New Life Publishing - Academically-inclined Christian publisher

Creation Ministeries International - Fascinating articles and challenging blogs

Word of Life - Christian literature for the non-Christian world



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