C is for... Charlie


Charlie takes care of design primarily. She has been working hard most recently to get this website looking good along side updating the logo and getting new business cards designed. Soon you'll see her transforming the covers of our e-books to reflect the quality of our product.


Outside of publishing, Charlie is a professional entertainer - including singing, DJing and hosting - as well as being a training manager and supervisor for a national advice charity and studying law.


R is for... Roger


Roger is CRF's main author but also spends much of his time promoting and marketing the business. He has a wide range of contacts in various industries and is keen to bring together the skills and knowledge of those he works with. Roger is currently writing multiple books, soon to be published.


Now officially retired, Roger has led a diverse life having lived in Australia as well as various parts of the UK. Formerly of the navy, his path changed towards teaching; a path which Roger has continued in some ways through personal tutoring.


F is for... Fraser


The world unfortunately lost our dear friend Fraser. He was essential in the set up of the business, helping get our first books together and managing the media files. His memory remains at the core of the business and we trust that the work that we continue to do will make him proud.

Who we are

A family run business with a heart. Our goal? To get quality media published for all to enjoy.

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